Anti-virus provides essential protection for businesses, as the number of Cybercrime cases increases year on year. Hackers and cyber criminals are constantly producing new ways to access devices and cause harm to your business. In extreme cases this can lead to scenarios such as being held to ransom to recover your data, the loss of revenue to your business and identity theft.

With this in mind are you running anti-virus? Ensuring your anti-virus is up to date? Protected from malicious malware which can limit or prevent access to your data? Running scans regularly on your devices to ensure the best ongoing protection? If the answer to any of these questions is no your business may be at risk.

We recommend our customers use a cloud based anti-virus solution from Bitdefender, regularly voted the number 1 detection product on the market. It will guard your computer against virus, rootkits, phishing, data loss and web threats, with scheduled full scans, for all your employees, at times that suit your business.