Auto Attendant

The Auto Attendant feature allows callers to your company to be automatically transferred to a person or group without the intervention of an operator or receptionist. Horizon allows you to utilise the full 12 keys on a standard telephone keypad. These key presses can be put through to hunt groups, individual DDIs, a voicemail box and more, including:

  • Transfer With Prompt – This will allow the user to hear a recorded message played once they have selected a menu item (“Please hold whilst we connect you”). This option also plays the recorded voicemail message that a user sets. If your user has recorded more than their name for the voicemail greeting then this message will play here.
  • Transfer Without Prompt – This will forward the call to the required destination once a menu item is selected. This destination could be a user, hunt group or new auto-attendant.
  • Transfer to Voicemail – This will forward the call to a voicemail mailbox. This will also load up a “Voicemail” tab once you’ve set up your Auto Attendant so that you can configure this as you require.
  • Transfer To Operator – This will forward the call to a set telephone number / extension after ten seconds.
  • Name Dialling  This will allow the caller to type in a name based on your dialling scope through the Horizon handset, i.e. Chris would be typed from the handset as 222447774447777
  • Extension Dialling – This will allow the caller to type in a user’s extension, allowing the call to connect to this extension based on your dialling scope.
  • Repeat Menu – This option will replay the call recording associated to this auto attendant to effectively replay the menu items to the caller.
  • Exit – This will terminate the call on behalf of the caller.

We can provide professionally recorded greetings with background music. This can also be rolled out and adapted for ‘information on hold’ use. Click here to view our samples page.