Hunt Groups

By setting up hunt groups your phone system can distribute inbound calls to your business, from a single phone number to a group of individual user’s handsets.

Creating and establishing correct hunt groups is vital to the call flow of your phone system and ensuring that your calls are not missed. Our cloud hosted systems have the ability to establish a variety of hunt groups to route calls to multiple locations when an incoming call is received. Each user will be called in order of the group until a free user is reached.

Types of hunt group

  • Circular – A circular hunt group sends the incoming calls to users according to their position in the list. After a call has been answered, the next call will be answered by the person following the user who answered, even if the call is at the top of the list.
  • Regular – A regular hunt group sends the incoming call to the next available user in the hunt group. Regular hunt groups will restart from the 1st member of the group when a new call is delivered.
  • Simultaneous – A simultaneous hunt group sends incoming calls to all users in the group at the same time. Once the call has been answered, the remaining calls to all the other users will be released.
  • Uniform – A uniform hunt group sends the incoming call to the user who has been idle the longest. After a user has answered the call, they’ll move to the bottom of the queue.
  • Weighted – A weighted hunt group sends the incoming call to the users according to a percentage you assign within your telephone system.